Tuesday, January 10, 2012

OLW Reflection

One of my favorite parts of blogging and tweeting is the community of professionals  that I now know through these digital resources.  I love that I can have virtual conversations that change my teaching but also encourage me from a distance including South Carolina, Montana, Kentucky, California, and North Carolina.  What a wide group of learners and just today someone started following me from Sydney, Australia. Last week, I had a comment left from someone in Africa.  It really is a small world and for that I am thankful.

So tonight as I was reading blogs about One Little Word, I read my friend, Melissa's, post which really helped me organize my thinking. What is Your Word? I have already chosen my word: reflection but this post is the first of many. I am totally "borrowing" a few of her questions but how couldn't I with this introduction.

Let's stop and reflect ....

What part of speech were you?  
reflection is a noun (fixing of thoughts/thoughtful consideration) synonyms (meditation, deliberation) reflect is a verb (to give back) I like that definition because of the importance of conversations.

Does that word symbolize a goalThat is a great question because I didn't originally think my word was a goal but now that it is MY word I find myself thinking about it. Driving home today from school, I was thinking about hard it has been to set my next guided reading groups typically I turn on the radio but not today.  Perhaps my OLW is setting me up to think about it as a goal-didn't see that one coming.

Does that word come from  promise to yourself?  This word comes from the bottom of my big toe meaning I never take time to reflect because I am always thinking and planning ahead, but I know from reading professional books and listening to PD conferences that reflection is  crucial.  Luckily in 2012 I have committed to my OLW.

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  1. Love it that you are doing word study off your OLW! So YOU!!