Monday, May 7, 2012

Answering "How Will I Grade Research?"

I have been blogging about our research journey and the importance of choice and collaboration with all the students. Last week my students started to create their WIKI page for their wonder.  We are modeling again this year from Wonderopolis.  For any teacher who has to do research projects, I believe that the worst part is the grading of the projects.  After 20 years, I have finally found a solution to not reading the entire project at one time or better yet not having to read 24 projects at one sitting.  This year my students are working on their projects in sections; therefore I am grading sections at the time.  I just completed grading their introduction. Here is that section of my rubric:

It was so much easier and actually I believe I graded them more fairly because I was looking for the same criteria on all 24 pages.  The students also liked it because I gave them instant feedback if there was an error I went on their page and made a comment to them.  They were in control of correcting their own mistakes.  I have found this very powerful.  

On a side note, once again my class has impressed me with their topic choices and the amazing connections they have made to their own life or to our classroom.  I am so proud of their "hooks", strong vocabulary as well as their higher level questions.  I can't wait to grade more-bet you've never heard a teacher say that before about research?

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  1. I love this idea about grading by sections...much more meaningful to do it this way, in chunks. Great thinking, Maria!