Saturday, May 5, 2012

Remember When?

Today our daughter is graduating from Bowling Green State University. To begin our journey, I want to start with remembering when?

*I remember when my husband and I graduated from BGSU and now our daughter is graduating.
*I remember when she was little, and we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? a million times and the Napping House a zillion times.
*I remember when she copied the entire Brown Bear book and told me proudly she had written her own story all by herself.
*I remember dropping her off at pre-school, and she told me it was the BEST day ever and turned away and walked into her classroom as I stood there with a few tears in my eyes.
*I remember when she set up her own classroom in our basement and begged me to bring "school stuff" home for her.  She was also mad when she did not have a chalkboard or an overhead because it would made her teaching better.
*I remember being in my basement that I grew up in and having her tell us she wanted my chalkboard from when I use to play school. We brought home my chalkboard from my parents house.
*I remember our first trip to Chicago to American Doll store for our tea time.
*I remember our second trip to Chicago for our girls' trip her junior year.
*I remember when she was accepted into Teacher's Academy her senior year of high school and said," FINALLY I have my own classroom."
*I remember when she would not say she was going to BG until 1 week prior to having to be there.
*I remember when she called at 2:00 am and told us she found her sorority and that it is perfect-Thanks Chi Omega for her home away from home. 
*I remember when she told us she would be going to Germany for the summer to be a camp counselor. Then she shared that she was going hang gliding while in Germany. 
*I remember when she completed her methods in the same district I did mine.
*I remember just last week when she called us and told us that she is finished with her student teaching. She said, "Im' sad, scared and excited." Just like it should be.

But today, we are creating new memories as we watch her graduate with her degree as an Intervenion Specialist. She is extremely prepared to begin her new journey. Anna, thanks for all the memories.  We'll continue to build many more. 


  1. Congratulations! What a special day! Your list made me cry as my baby turned seven this week! Thanks for sharing your memories and can't wait to hear about future ones :)

  2. What a lovely jaunt down memory lane. Thank you for taking us on your journey.

  3. Thank you Tracy and Kristi for your comments! We had a beautiful day and created many more special memories.

  4. What a lovely post! Congratulations to Anna.