Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Students are the BEST Teachers in Math

Our last math unit is focused on Transformations, Congruence and Symmetry.  All of these concepts were introduced in 3rd and 4th grade so this is a review unit.  I believe the best learning comes from those who teach others. So I  wrote the five vocabulary words on an index card and counted my class out into groups of 5.  I gave them a rubric and we discussed what each section meant and how did I model that concept all year.  I then gave them their plan time-they were so excited.  

Most groups wanted to use a lap top to have me log into the Pearson Teacher website, so they could preview and use the introduction video.  Next they wanted my teacher's guide for the answers.  I did not give them it, and I explained to them that they would need to solve the problems on their own first and then use the teacher's guide.  Their practice would help them be better teachers.  Another group found a website for symmetry that had a game on it, so they taught their lesson around a game.  In addition another group found a transformation rap.  What a great way to spend our last week in math class.

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