Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thinking as a Scientist

We (Sarah and I)  just started our first  science unit:  "Thinking as a Scientist."   I love this first unit because we push the students to think beyond the scientific method.  We ask them to think above and beyond experiments.  We will give the students a list of supplies for an experiment and ask them what experiment can they do with these materials. They will make paper airplanes which they love, but then they must think of an experiment that supports flying an airplane.
We ask several "why" and "how do you know that" questions.  As we prepared for this unit, I searched Wonderopolis and found these wonders to include in our first unit. 

#779 Why Do Some People Chase Storms?  We will discuss scientific tools along with review of weather formations from fourth grade.

#213 What Does a Barometer Measure?  We will connect this with the wonder above and discuss the importance of accurate measurements. 

#458 What's So Special About Your Fingerprints?  This is a fun wonder to continue discussing the tools a scientist uses in addition to talk about the importance of observation.

In addition, we will show the students several videos from Dragonfly TV which is another free site that has excellent videos of scientists in their real jobs.  Milk Carton Boat Race is one that we will use to discuss the Design Process for the first time this year.  Another part of this site that I like is on the right hand side, Science Surprise, which gives several videos to choose from for your units.  Our science journey has just started.


  1. Just shared your post with my staff! Thanks for showing us ways to integrate Wonderopolis into the content areas. Never heard of DragonTV before...anxious to check it out! :)

  2. Thank you very much! I needed a good science website for my students and I will share with the rest of the teachers in my school!
    Andrea A

  3. Thanks for this great post. I just found your blog, and have just discovered Wonderopolis and DragonflyTV as a result! What great resources!

    The Learning Metamorphosis