Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wonder Wednesday Begins in Pictues

Here I go again thinking in pictures, I learn best through pictures. On blogs, I search for pictures to help me understand how to transfer a new idea to my classroom. Yesterday, we officially started Wonder Wednesday.  Officially means: every Wednesday I will teach a mini lesson from a wonder and students will be working in their new wonder notebook.  So the visual tour begins....

Anchor Chart: focus skills: parts of a wonder (pink sticky note),  background knowledge (BK), answering 3 focus questions and choosing 2-3 new vocabulary words. When we came back together, I had the students write their new learning on the chart.  They love to record on the chart paper.

time to read the wonder and search for answers and vocabulary using context clues (wonder notebook on clipboard)
Our first class comment including many students new learning. Notice the connections to our read aloud Capture the Flag.

instant feedback-priceless!

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