Friday, November 30, 2012

November: OLW (reflection)

 I didn't have to think long about my OLW (reflection).  November is  a month for thankfulness and reflection which is a  perfect time for my end of the month post.  

You might wonder why I chose to share a picture of clean dishes because at the time I washed the dishes I could not have been happier.  It was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  Our daughter was home for the first time from her new job in South Carolina, and our son was home from college.  The four of us spent the evening preparing for the next days feast.  Every year, we try to duplicate my husband's family recipe which is homemade Italian stuffing.  It consists of 2 1/2 loaves of day old bread, 2 lb. of Parmesan Romano, 18 eggs, parsley, and of course finally chopped garlic. and onions.  This year our son had the privilege of grating the bread and cheese.  This in not most loved job of the evening, but not once did he complain. Ok maybe once or twice but it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without the sharing of the grating. 

Stuffing ready for the 18 eggs
I am thankful for the conversations in our kitchen.  How Tom shares the history of the stuffing being made when he was growing up. How his mother made it alone for 40 people, and we only make it for 15 people.  How when we were dating, I used to ask her how she made it and one  Christmas she gave me the recipe in her handwriting which is a treasure now that she is longer with us. 

I share my families tradition of making stuffing including chopped apples, celery and onion.   How I learned from my mom, and I remember many times making stuffing with my cousin, Janet, who lived with us for several summers. Being an only child, those were the BEST of summers!   Janet is no longer with us but every Thanksgiving I know that she is with me as I chop all the apples. 

I am thankful for two wonderful children who want to spend time with their mom and dad and listen to our stories.  I am thankful for the memories of family members who are no longer with us, but with the smells of the kitchen I feel like they are right there with us. 


  1. Thank you for sharing an important part of your life with your followers! I am proud of us for continuing to think about our "one little word" each month...mine came a day late this time! :) Oh no! Almost time to reflect on a word for 2013!

  2. Love Love Love the story behind the clean dishes!!