Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wonder Wednesday: Lesson 1-Updates

We started Wonder Wednesday last week with a conversation about what do you already know about the site Wonderopolis?  I am very lucky because by the time my students are in fifth grade they know the site very well.  Our librarian, Bill Prooser @Literate Lives uses the site everyday in the library with 1-5 grade.  I posed my question: Tell me about Wonderopolis and typical responses include:  there is a video,  an article to read, 3 questions to answers, additional links, photos and vocabulary.  I asked them if they know any of the new features?  One student knew that now the Wonder of Day could be read aloud to them because they looked at it over the summer.  I pulled up the site on my Smartboard, and I shared with the students the new features (at least to them).

B.  Vocabulary (Wonder Words):  is now differentiated into three groups.  The words can be clicked on for definitions and students can use context clues to help them with the definition.  There is also a Wonder Word Challenge.

C..  Test your Knowledge:  After each wonder there is a 3-5 question multiple choice quiz that the students can take which teachers/parents could use as a quick comprehension check.

D.  Wonder Gallery:  Students can add their own pictures/photos to support the wonder.  This is a great place for students to extend their learning by comparing/contrasting the pictures.  It is also fun to introduce the wonder with one of these pictures and then pull up the Wonder of the Day.

Finally this school year, I will be blogging about our weekly celebration of Wonder Wednesday.  Several teachers have asked how I integrate wondering into our day and my quick response is "that it is easy." One friend replied back "for you" so I will take you on my journey this year as I share our Wonder Wednesday adventures and learning with Room 228.  


  1. I am out of time for blog reading this morning (a little Wednesday gift to me, from me), but I'll come back. I want to incorporate Wonderopolis this year and I might as well learn from the master!