Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WWL3: Differentiating Wonderopolis

Wonder Wednesday Lesson 3:  Differentiating Wonderopolis

 I allow my students learning to guide most of my wonder lessons every Wednesday.  All teachers know that aching feeling when you know certain students need to review that skill, most students know the skill, and some students knew the skill before you started teaching the concept.  From last week’s lesson, I knew I had a group of nine students who struggled with writing sentences with the focused wonder vocabulary.  The rest of the class needed to push on, so I used my stickers to differentiate.  Magic occurred because I didn’t have to say aloud, “You will review last week’s lesson.” Or “You’re going to push ahead and work on facts/opinions.”  As a whole group, I modeled strong vocabulary sentences along with reviewing facts/opinions. I passed out their stickers placing them in their wonder book. Students starting working in their wonder book, and I was able to drop in and review focus skills. The power of stickers is WONDERful!

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