Thursday, September 19, 2013

WWL2: Facts and Vocabulary

WWL2:  focus on new facts and vocabulary

She chose some of her favorite wonders while searching the site.
 As I passed out the students Wonder books last week, they asked me why they were blank? I thought that was odd; however after our conversation I totally understood why they asked.  Several students said they always had set teacher directions on most "projects" and they wanted to meet my criteria.  Interesting perspective. I thought back to a conversation this summer about what age do students learn to play the game of school?  I told them my only direction was to decorate the cover and have fun.  Make sure your name was on it too.

Example of vocabulary words used in context.
Next I pulled up the Wonder of the Day for Wednesday so I could model their homework. We read the wonder about technology in schools and wrote 5 facts on chart paper. We then looked at the vocabulary and chose some words and students used the words in sentences.  They were ready for their first wonder HW.  I passed out the stickers and guided them in setting up their wonder book.   We wrote the assignment on the plan-book and everyone was off to choose their wonder  at Wonderopolis on their iPod.   

Facts and sentences.  Check out the sticker for organization more on that next week.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I am curious to see what the notebooks will look like after some weeks and by the end of the year.