Sunday, November 17, 2013

OLW: November Gratitude

It seems just like yesterday it was November first, and we were changing the calendar at school.  Our daughter and I just started our turkey day countdown for her visit home to build some more family memories.  Tomorrow our "baby" turns 21, and it seems like in a blink that we have two adult children.  But I guess that is how life blink and you'll miss something. That is why I am so thankful for my OLW this year: gratitude.  I remember when I chose my new OLW word I didn't think there could be a better OLW than reflection which was my 2012 word choice, but I think gratitude takes the prize. 

 I live my life differently this year. I at #23 on my way to #26 Random Acts of Kindness which was my way to cope with Sandy Hook Elementary School.  I have to be honest I think of Sandy Hook often as I walk the halls of my school, or I sit with my students who just felt success for the first time because they completed their first chapter book.  There are so many reasons to be thankful in November. Family is always at the top of my list, a career choice that allows me to touch students lives and help them become life long readers and wordsmiths. Finally I am thankful for opportunities that push me way out of my comfort zone. There have been a few of these already this school year, and I wonder why I don't choose to say no? Afterward I understand why I say yes. When I have said yes I learn lessons that I never could have seen coming around the corner.  Gratitude for hidden lessons.

Compliments of NCTE website
My next corner comes this week as I head to Boston for #NCTE13 conference. I am a newbie and a presenter. I am pretty sure that is not the correct order but here I go again.  I am thrilled to have the chance to discuss the importance of WONDERing and connect elementary-middle-high school.  What an amazing opportunity!  In addition, I am excited to meet my virtual twitter friends who I feel like I already know.  

As November turns the corner toward December, I am once again thankful for the gifts I am given and most importantly all the lessons I learn from each experience.  I am taking a blogging break until after Thanksgiving so I hope your end of November opens doors and allows you the chance to find your own gratitude.  Makes such a difference.

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