Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Parts of Speech About the Rules?

Common Core has parts of speech woven into Language Standards grades K-5.  My concern is always the same every year. How do I transfer the knowledge of parts of speech to my students' writing?  Every student can tell me a noun is a person, place or thing. There are singular and plural etc. Basically stating the rules, but the most importantly is the transfer to student writing. I have shifted my focus of parts of speech instruction this year, I did not spend time reviewing “rules” but we jumped into parts of speech through our read aloud:  Big Words for Little People.   First we brainstormed what they already knew about parts of speech. As you can see from the picture, the students knew several important characteristics. As I read the story, I asked the students to record new words or exciting words. Finally the students created advertisements for their word using the brainstorm list which you can see around the anchor poster.  

Lastly the transfer came to their own writing, the students collected 5 words from the word wall and wrote them in their writer's notebook.  I asked them to use those five words in their first graded writing assignment of the year. Making the connections between word study, reading and writing.  Several students used all five words; however, some of the students needed to change their list of five by referring back to the word wall.  What an important lesson to remember as a writer. It's so much better than focusing on just the rules after all it's about the writing. 
Sharing writer's notebook favorite spot in front of Xander our gecko.

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