Saturday, November 2, 2013

Out of the Mouth of 5th Graders

We just completed our first full month of individual reading goals. As I read their reflections, I just stopped and started copying their thoughts onto my iPad.  These ideas are the #1 reason I continue to teach with workshop and allow students to choose their own reading goals. I am so proud of every student for their growth and perspective. 

I've been expanding my vocabulary with my word notebook, and it’s helped me to understand the book more.

I can read simple text very fluently. 

I am choosing JR books better and previewing now. 

I have improved a lot and even reading more genres. 

Status makes me more organized and has helped me push my reading.  

I am very focused in my book and I did not like reading before 5th grade.  Goals have helped me stay and enjoy in Newbery Club. 

When I got my word notebook, I collected 5 words and I used them in my narrative. I used all 5 words in one day in my writing. Instead of playing video games at home I am reading my book. (love this one)

I've started to read other genres, which I have not tried, and now I am reading nonfiction. 

I have read so much more than in 4th grade.  

I have kept up with hard, high reading levels in Newbery Club.

I have already achieved more goals this year than 4th grade. (it's only Nov. 1)

I now know because of my word notebook that vocabulary, reading, and writing are all connected.  PRICELESS! 

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  1. YES! You can sense their pride and feelings of accomplishment. Well done!