Saturday, October 11, 2014

Late Celebrations: Saturday Literacy Connection

Today was perfect and it's not even over. A beautiful sunrise, cool temperatures and breathtaking colors as I drove to the Literacy Connection with Jennifer  Serravallo presenting.. Spending Saturday with friends and reading is just what I needed to energize me.

I am still wrapping my thoughts around Jennifer's presentation.  I have three pages of notes to reflect on. One of my biggest take aways is the importance of knowing our readers through purposeful conversations and lessons.  She continually had us stop ad jot, turn and talk along with modeling how important it is too see the text as she read aloud to us.

I've been stuck lately with my writing but I felt a breath of fresh air as I listened to her speak. I feel like I have several new ideas that I can implement this week.  Along with being a lucky winner of her Independent Fiction Reading Assessment, I am excited to learn more.  Just the golden ticket I needed. Thanks to Ruth for encouraging us to Celebrate every Saturday. Click HERE.for the roundup


  1. Ahh! Breathing in the fresh fall air and reconnecting....just what the Dr. ordered!

  2. It was nice to spend today with you. I look forward to reading more writing from you.

  3. A Saturday with friends and reading - inspiration and rejuvenation. Lovely celebration.

  4. I was so sad to miss Saturday's session. I'll bet it was rejuvenating! Can't wait to hear more. :)