Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Slice of Life: Can't Find the Path (Yet)

Over Thanksgiving, I had several conversations with our adult children which left me in a quandary. There are so many tough questions being asked these days not only from our kids, but about life.  I think there lies the answer: I don't have to know all the answers as long as I continue to learn and have empathy as part of the process.

 I watched Ruth's video about her decade of One Little Words.   Her calming voice along with her explanations resonated in me. My OLW15: reflection has sent me on twists and turns I never saw coming this year. When I take a moment to reflect and realize the answer is not always there or more importantly the path can't be found (yet).  We're all on a journey to figure out the pieces (slices) of life. The conversations really made me realize that my journey at 52 is not any different than one at the age of 23 and 25.  I am thankful for that realization. Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for encouraging me to Slice. 

Summer reflection from a moment on our dock.


  1. I love joining my slicer friends in the journey. Thanks for sharing this reflection.

  2. Thank you Ramona for your comment. I hope you have a happy Dec. 1 :)

  3. We had those conversations, too. I think it's so much harder to be a young person forging ahead in this crazy world - I want my kids to be full of adventure and live fulfilling lives, but I want them to be safe,too. I love the sound of Ruth's voice - calming, indeed!

    1. So true Tara the world today is very different than when I was their age.