Saturday, October 7, 2017

Celebrating Speed Poetry

My passion is collecting words! I notice unique features in words. I love to lift lines from books because of the beauty of the language.  I purchase books for my classroom based on having fun with words.  I love poetry.....not all students love poetry. 

First week of school, we spent a huge amount  of time discussing our classroom library and how should we organize our library.  It is still color coded which continues to make my heart happy.  All of my beloved poetry books just continued to sit on the shelf without an ounce of love given to them.  I watched my poetry shelf and not once, not even a passing by, did one reader choose to pull a book off the shelf.  Something had to change.  Yesterday was the day!!

I turned their frowns upside down.  As we started our official Poetry Friday celebration. We sat in the circle and discussed poetry - have to admit I almost dozed off from the lack of conversation.  Finally I had two students walk over and choose 12 books apiece. Each reader had a book.  Welcome to "Speed Poetry"  30 seconds with a book and pass.  I suggested having their Literacy Spiral open because you never know when you want to write down a title that you might want to read later........ GO!!

It was one of those priceless moments as a teacher...everything was perfect.  Everyone was talking, laughing, telling their neighbor to look at a certain poem.  I had to pause longer than 30 seconds because there wasn't enough time to write titles.  It was heaven with poetry in Room 234.  

I am celebrating because once again I have a little time on Friday night to blog for Saturday morning.  I am celebrating joining my Saturday Celebration community.  But most of all I am celebrating 24 smiles and perhaps a change in heart for poetry. 

Icing on the cake:  "Mrs. Caplin, can I take a poetry book home for the weekend?" 


  1. A little creative nudge from you and 24 poetry smiles in your room. Awesome celebration.

  2. Hooray for poetry! Reading aloud The Last Fifth Grade of Emerson Elementary has gotten a few of my friends interested in verse novels!

  3. I love it! I think it's time for my kids to get their hands on poetry books. They are lonely.

  4. What a fun activity! Poetry books do tend to get lonely, don't they?

  5. Yay! I'm so glad they were connecting with the poetry. I love it myself, but know it's often passed over for other books.