Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Spotlight: Readers Sharing Favorite Books

Me: "I enjoy reading blogs and learning from others."
Friend: "Tell me more"
Me: "I still want to learn, but I am not sure I have any new ideas to share."
Friend: "Why don't you write about what you learn?"
Me: Tell me more"
Friend: "How about lifting up others and placing the spotlight on their tweets/blogs?"
Me: "Brilliant"

compliments of Google images

This tweet spoke to me and said, "What a wonderful connection between readers and books!" I instantly was wishing I could have last year's readers back and have them write their index card. Ahh well, moving on to next year's class. I am going to borrow this idea and make it my own. Isn't that the best part of twitter? A seed is planted and then you help it grow? The first few weeks of a new school year, I ask every reader to bring in their favorite book. They can write their thinking on a large sticky note and place it on the inside cover which will provide instant book conversations:
  • similar genres
  • similar authors
  • different points of view
  • sharing their story of why why chose the book
And of course, I will have my favorite books ready as a model. Thanks Kristin Crouch for sharing your idea on Twitter.


  1. Yet another new thing I want to try this year with my third graders. Brilliant Mrs. Caplin!

    1. Can't wait to continue our literacy conversations into the school year.

  2. Great first installment! Love the "tell me more"s :-)

    1. I love that I have a plan again.....thanks.