Monday, August 9, 2010

Learning Curves are Huge

As Bill at Literate Lives wrote in his post, I was definitely not into technology but through student observations, conversations with colleagues and continued reading of professional books/blogs I now believe strongly that technology has to be a part of every classroom. That foundation tossed me into a huge learning curve similar to those on a roller coaster. Before I tell you about my learning curve, I want you to know that I started with very limited knowledge of iPods so I plan on writing about every step-even the small ones.

My learning curve started this summer as I begin to explore my new iPod and honestly getting it out of the plastic box was a challenge. I began to explore the apps that came loaded on an iPod, and I automatically started searching for new apps. I had been creating a list of apps that I thought I might like since I got my grant last spring. I will blog later about my favorite apps that I am starting the year with. I had no idea how to purchase apps so I really had to start with the basics.

1. Open your iTunes and set up a new account (I set up a separate account from my personal one)

2. Locate the App Store tab and start with looking at free apps-doesn’t hurt to try them ☺

3. Before you purchase an app consider the following; looking at the preview slides of the app, consider the customer ratings, and reading the reviews

4. Look at the final section found at the bottom called Customers Also Bought

It takes some time researching and considering how to use the app in the classroom setting, but I have found that extended time is well worth it. One great thing about getting free apps is if they don't meet your needs you can just delete them from your iTunes account.  Work in Progress: Favorite iPod apps to start the year with in 5th grade.

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