Friday, August 20, 2010

Poetry Friday

When I read Karen’s post I called her and told her that I had just purchased the same poetry book, and she suggested that we both blog on the same book today.  Bill calls this simublog not sure if this is a real word but I like it!

When I was at  Fundamentals Tami suggested that I look at this new poetry book.  The first thing I noticed about the book is the beautiful cover.  Tami shared with me that the illustrator is Chris Soentpiet, and she showed me where he drew himself, his wife and two sons on the cover. He is above the American Flag and his wife is in the purple shirt holding their youngest son. His son is holding the flag.  I have been a huge fan since he came to my son’s school when he was in fifth grade and he came so excited about meeting a real life illustrator.

I opened the book and loved how the poems were so diversified and the illustrations felt like they took me to the setting of the poem.  I am always looking for books that expand the views of my students.  The first poem
Miss Stone by Nikki Grimes caught my attention because our first day of school is this Monday.

My wishes gathered like ants.
I wished there was no recess.
I wished there was no first day.
I wished somebody, anybody
Would come over and ask me to play.

Then you said, “Excuse me.
Would you keep my company?
I’m feeling all alone.”

Remember Mrs. Stone?

I loved you that day.
You made my unhappy thoughts
Scamper away.

As I read this poem, I think about my new students who are starting school on Monday and how important it is to take the time to not only listen to them but also read their faces especially on  playground duty.  I hope you all have a wonderful first day as you begin to look into your students'
Amazing Faces.

Laura has Poetry Friday round up at Teach Poetry K-12.


  1. PERFECT for the beginning of the year! I love Chris Soentpiet's art!!

    While we're on the subject of poetry, do you have any ideas for sharing poetry via the SmartBoard?

  2. My quick answer is our class built a notebook page last year every Friday-with class thoughts, figurative language, lifted lines from the poems etc. it was a really neat book of growth from the beginning of the year to the end. We could always go back and look. It ended up being a mentor text for poetry. I would love to investigate more on how to use the SB though-