Monday, August 23, 2010

Setting up iPods in Classroom

I have been busy getting ready to share the iPods with my class this Thursday.  The first part was unpacking them and getting them all labeled.  Luckily I have a TST (Technical Support Teacher) and Mark helped me with this long process. Part of my grant included the iPod cart that is where the iPods are kept so that I can charge and sync them.

I have thought about how to introduce the iPods to my class, and I have decided to pass them out to my students on Thursday. I chose this day because I want to wait a few days to develop some rapport with my new class, and I have parent curriculum night that night so parents will be able to see them at school before the students take them home.

These are some of the guidelines I am going to use for introducing them to my class.

*Read and discuss the letter that I have written to the parents which explains guidelines and how we will use the iPods this year in our classroom
*Have students sign the letter and write the ID number on the letter so that I will be able to track each iPod to a specific student
*Set up guidelines for use including security guidelines (which I have preset on all of them)
*Allow students time to “explore” their new iPod

Thursday night is my curriculum night; I am going to have the students leave their iPods so the parents will be able to see them and I can go over the parent letter that night with them.  After the parents have signed the letter, the students will begin to use them both at home and school.  I know they will be excited to have their new iPods over the weekend, and I can’t wait to start using them with my class.  Let the learning and exploration begin!


  1. I am really enjoying following your blog on learning with iPods this year! I am moving toward using iPods in my 5th grade classroom but am having a hard time getting my hands on multiple iPods!

    At any rate, I want to be ready when I get them. Is it possible for you to share your parent letter?

  2. I will try and post my letter once I figure out how to :) I am still learning also. Great suggestion check back later.