Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Little Late for 10 at 10???

 My friend Karen at Literate Lives invited me to be a part of this exciting blogging event: 10 for 10.  I however with just starting my blog this week and was not sure if I could pull all my books together so I admit it. I have cheated and read everyone's blogs today go here to see all the links.  I hope Mandy and Cathy can forgive me. So 8 of 10 comes from the joy of reading everyone blogs today-a big THANKS to everyone for making my want to read list really long. I did add my own original 2 at the end of the list.   As my 7th grade English teacher said, "Always cite your sources so here I go."

I chose this book because I love Melanie Watt and I love how she writes with such detail and description.  I just purchased Chester's Masterpiece which might be my first read aloud of the year in Writer's Workshop.

From Katie at Creative Literacy: 

From Franki and Mary Lee at A Year of Reading: I had to choose these 3 books because I have never read them and now I am curious about them.  I love when I get new titles to add my reading journal!

From Karen and Bill at Literate Lives I chose these 4 books for four very different reasons.

I had to choose this one because I teach upstairs and I heard the students in the library laughing hysterically.

This is one of my favorites and Karen and I found this book when our good friend, Sarah, shared it with us.  I echo all of Karen's comments.
I forgot about this book until I saw it on Karen's post-thanks for reminding me of such a beautifully written book.
I also have my copy of Frederick from the summer reading club. I can remember waiting for my new book to arrive at my house monthly and sitting down and reading it with my mom!  

Finally my own two favorite books that I always read on the first day of school. 

I love this book because of the creativity of the story as well as it kicks off our first day discussion about what makes a GREAT team.

 I won't ruin the ending but the surprise is wonderful and the students love it!!  

Thanks for letting me participate-it was an amazing day of reading blogs!!



  1. Better late than never! And look at you -- new to blogging and you've got all those links and pictures...You ROCK!

  2. I enjoyed reading your list. I think I need Chester. I also love First Day Jitters. It is a great first day read. I also love humor books so I will have to check out the one you heard the children laughing about from the library. I think laughter is a great way to bring a classroom together.

  3. Thanks Mary Lee-still many things to learn.

    Mrs. Johnson-you can't go wrong with laughter every day in a classroom!

  4. I loved your ideas here! I will be able to purchase more excellent picture books for my library based on this and the lists of others in the August 10 for 10.

    I am a new follower!

    Let's share ideas.
    I'd love to have you visit my blog at www.readerbuzz.blogspot.com.

  5. I love, love, love "Frederick"! Check out "More Spaghetti, I Say". My kids also loved "Go, Dog, Go".
    Keep up the good work, friend!
    Kathy B.

  6. Readerbuzz: I would love to share information and new ideas.

    Kathy: I will have to borrow More Spaghetti, I Say. That is a new title for me :) Thanks for sharing.