Tuesday, July 5, 2011

3 Addends Equal Success

I found this picture on a blog and I LOVED it.  I LOVE words and I LOVE scrabble and I LOVE the thinking of this scrabble board.  Error + Motive + Strive = Success.   If you break these three words apart and think about technology it is an excellent problem to try and solve.  Errors are going to happen and some of my best learning came this year from errors that I made.  Not all errors were my fault but every one tested my patience and made me or Mr. Mark stop and problem solve.  Motive is so important.  As I spoke in NYC, I discussed the importance of motivation to want to learn, to search for new learning and reflect on the instruction.  All three areas are crucial in education.  Strive I always remember my dad telling me to strive for success. Every project and app that I introduced this year my goal was to have the students be Successful.  Of course not everything was successful however that was a chance to learn more and problem solve.  When you are thinking about technology or incorporating  21 Century Skills into your classroom remember this math problem no matter how you add all three parts together I think you will be excited about the outcome.

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  1. Today's chapter in MLW was "Work on the Hard Parts."

    So much to think about, and your graphic is perfect!!