Saturday, July 30, 2011

To Jump or Not Jump That is the Question

First of all I have to say this has been a wonderful summer for me as far as my learning curve as opposed to my last summer learning curve. I have had opportunities that I never would have had if I wasn't willing to jump into the world of twitter. I have had many conversations with colleagues that I have met through twitter, skype and those that I am lucky enough to teach with in my district so special thanks to Mary Lee, Cathy, Karen, Susan, and Deb.  All of you have helped me so much in my thinking!

As far as jumping goes,  The big choice is do I switch from "old fashion" huge spiral note book for conference notes to Evernote on my lap top or hopefully soon my new iPad?  This is a HUGE decision for me because my old system works but that's is old.  

*If I want to keep a copy of the students work I have to walk down and copy it on the xerox instead of (take a picture with the camera on the computer or my iPhone and then drop it in the child's note instantly)  
*if I want to do a voice recording for fluency I have to go to the library and get the tape recorder instead of (just push record on the computer and automatically it is in the note
*if I want to keep track of reading, writing, math and word study I have many pieces of paper which makes a very thick binder instead of (just opening a new note and start typing
*if I want to work on progress reports I have to bring home my 15 lb. binder instead of (just bringing home my lap top)  Really it doesn't weigh that much but it feels like it.  
*if I don't want to bring home my lap top instead (I can access evernote from my home computer or my i Phone) and bring home nothing.  Crazy I know.

So you would think my decision would be easy look at all the positives but it is scary to start a new anecdotal system but once again this experience is teaching me how my students must feel when I ask them to do something that they are not quiet comfortable with in class.  I am lucky I have a choice so I guess I will make the jump and just hope that I have my life raft (my friends) will be there if I need help.


  1. Wow! This sounds like an amazing way to record information about students and all the info will be right at your fingertips! I downloaded evernote and played around with it but it still confuses me on how to organize everything.. Thanks for sharing

  2. Yesterday was fun! I'm jumping too...and am very thankful for that life raft! :) Thank you for sharing your ideas and learning with me.

  3. I have been considering doing the same thing. Thanks for the push and motivation. I think I'm going to jump in too.


  4. Maria~
    I first want to thank you for pushing my learning! I have learned so much and I can't wait to explore even more.
    Reading your post I am asking myself "What are you waiting for jump!" I think if I had an ipad I would jump with you! For now I am exploring…and playing with evernote.
    So much techie fun yesterday!

  5. Thanks for all the great ideas. First I like your title of "To jump or Not Jump that is the Question" So true right now for all the teachers that are being thrown into the new 21st century teaching style. It is intimidating and can be uncomfortable to learn ALL these new online features that are making the life of a teacher easier and faster after putting some work in learning it.
    I had never heard of Evernote. It sounds very interesting and very efficient. Thank you for sharing your struggles and the great ideas!

  6. It is always so much fun to read the comments because that is where my learning continues so thank you! I am thrilled that we are moving on the path although bumpy as least we are all moving-congrats to all of you!