Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stretching Wonderopolis into the Summer

Alright I am going to have to brag just a little, there are four students from my class this year who have continued to read/post/think about Wonderopolis through the summer.  Isn't that what we hope for as teachers that the students continues to learn during the summer connecting their school experiences?  I continue to follow Wonderopolis every day and read the WONDER of the day.  I always look at the comments and see if any of my students have posted.  Here are just a few...........

I love how she connects her learning back to 4th grade, connects to her real life and then ends with a prediction.

Again a connection with our science class then a comment to Grace who is in my class-they have their own conversation.

Wonderopolis asked students to draw a dinosaur using the Greek and Latin meanings.

Another very special and I believe one of the strongest attributes of Wondeopolis is that every time there is a comment posted by a reader there is a PERSONAL comment back to him/her.  This truly hooked my students to know someone is really reading their comment and personally responding was HUGE!!  Also notice the time of this comment, Abby was on before she even got to school - how cool is that?  Hurry over and check out Wonderopolis-you will be glad you did!!


  1. You've made learning purposeful and enjoyable. We want kids to take what we do and do things on their own. A celebration.

  2. I introduced Wonderopolis to my class last year, but did not make it a regular routine to visit the site as you did. You definitely inspired me to weave it more into our lives this year. This is a success to celebrate by sharing!