Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What Would Be in your Wonder Jar?

While in NYC, I had many opportunities to discuss how I use Wonderopolis in my classroom which is fun for me to share the excitement along with the learning applications.  But what was really exciting for me were the center pieces for the table, they were WONDER jars.  Oh my gosh, all the adults had so much fun playing with all the items inside the jars.  It was fun for me to connect the items to past wonders and remember what I had learned about them.  So I started thinking, how can I use WONDER jars in my classroom this year?  I have decided that I am going to start the year with this wonder jar.  Allowing my new class to just explore, wonder, think about all the items.  Perhaps they might even have some questions and will begin to explore Wonderopolis on their own even before I introduce it to my new class.  Other ideas include building our own class WONDER jar with items that they wonder about.  My goal will continue to be the same as last year to weave in non fiction throughout the year not just an isolated unit.  I am considering on Wednesday integrating Wonderful Word Wednesday with WONDERopolis it seems likes the two would fit nicely. So much to think about it in the summer-start collecting your jars for your students or at least one large one I think that is where I will begin.

Do you see a kaleidoscope, seeds to plant, magnifying class, bugs, bird caller, WONDER notebook?

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  1. Maria,

    I just love this idea. I think it will lead to explorations and maybe that's the journey of a wonder. It's also making it concrete and hands on. I think your students will love it and I can't wait to follow your journey.