Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wonder in Pictures

After reading Barbara's blog post "Chalk A Bration" I shared the post with a second grade class at our school.  They celebrated wonderopolis on their last day of school by drawing pictures of their favorite wonders of the year.

After finding this wonder wordle on a blog, I am sorry I can't remember where I saw it. I shared it during our last week of school.  As a class, we read through the words and connected to past wonders.
*fascinate:  Wonder #478   What is Fool's Gold
*laugh:  Wonder #100 What is a Milestone?  (watch the video)
*inspire:  Wonder #22 How Can Spare Change Make a Difference?
*discover:  Wonder #152 How Does a Species Become Endangered

This was a great way to end our year of wonder and most of all it was fun for me to see the wonders that really touched my class. I also had fun spreading the wonder around my school and seeing all K-5 including the library spread the wonder to all BES students.  Thanks NCFL and Wonderopolis for bring such a huge part of our school.

Finally I received this letter, and it says it all :)  

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