Friday, June 15, 2012

Lessons Learned from Technology Class

Yesterday I attended part 2 of a workshop on Blended Learning in my district.  Allow me to preface this blog post that I know and appreciate all of the opportunities that teachers have in my district during the summer to grow professionally. Remember I am not really a tech. wizard but a teacher that wants to continue to build her knowledge about digital learning on how to extend my classroom learning to the 21st Century.  

It is important for this blog post that you know that I missed the first session because I was in South Carolina, so I was a little nervous going to session 2.  (Now that I am home I understand how my students feel when they miss a day of school and come back and missed the introductory lesson) There was an overview of session 1, and I listened carefully but I already had questions before my session even started (I wonder how many students have questions when they come back and are afraid to ask? Now I am thinking about how I could spend 5-10 min. in morning catching up those students with a quick overview of the previous day's learning?)  

Session 2 was focused on digital learning object (DLO) and how to deliver a lesson to students through online delivery of content in which students control the time, place, pace and path.  My job was to learn how to create the path.  There are five parts to creating a DLO. 

Part 1:  Create a folder with the text (in PDF form), pictures, video links etc. so I can begin the first path which could be a diagram, picture or text in a different format than I presented in class.  (No problem - check I got it)

Part 2:  Open Preview and learn about 3 tools (color, size, and select) During this time I was taking notes, working on a document practicing and trying to listen. (I am pretty lost at this point and just hoping I am taking good notes. But what about my students who are confused and needed time to practice and are not keeping up with their note taking? Do they need me to stop teaching for 10 minutes?  Do I allow that time in my classroom?)

Part 3:  Open Google docs and locate the presentation tool.  At this point, take the folder information (part 1) and create a review presentation for the students.  (Totally lost at this point, I have not used Google docs and never seen presentation.  What about my students when I am introducing a new focus skill to 5th grade?  What do they do when they are unsure? Do I allow time to ask questions? Do I allow them time to turn and talk to process the new information?) Thanks Mike and Trish for helping me process my questions. I am excited for our next session to learn more.

Part 4 & 5  By this time, I am rapidly taking notes, have given up trying to practice in Google and just trying to focus on the last two parts adding videos.  I did learn about a new website and the importance of quicktime.  The last step involves creating an online quiz in Google for the students to check their understanding, and I am excited about learning about that aspect, but I will have to review my notes.

This was the quickest 2 hours, and I am so happy that I went to begin my own foundation for blended learning.  But the most important lesson I learned was how it felt being on the other side of the desk---being the student and not the teacher.



  1. WOW, Maria:

    I loved the double learning that was going on...
    And I am interested in learning more about this.
    I'll be checking back to read what you post next!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. This is exactly how I felt when I heard Chris Tovani! Can't wait to hear where you go next with this experience!

  3. Thanks for your comments-it was a double learning kind of day. I am anxious to begin to practice creating DLO and get ready for the next session.

  4. I LOVE the way you told us about the workshop, and gave your asides in blue that told how you were processing the whole experience through a student's eyes.

    I think that's another reason why it's SO important for teachers to take classes -- we need to remember what it feels like to be on the other side of the desk!