Saturday, June 30, 2012

OLW: Reflections of June: Life is Good!

Six months ago I committed to my OLW for 2012 and I chose reflection.  Each month I had to create time to reflect.  Had is the power helping verb because I don't often take that time because in my busy world.  I am just trying to keep up because luckily I am usually caught up.  Fast forward to June-a month out of school, and I have to admit I was pretty sure at the beginning of the month I thought my reflection was going to about all my summer professional learning, but now that the month is complete my reflection has shifted to kittens, laundry and gratitude. 

I LOVE kittens and for those of you who don't love these adorable, soft, perfect to hold when life is getting you down please continue reading.  I also love dogs, cows, pigs, fish and any other barn yard animal that we might have on our mini farm. Everyday after our morning walk,  I find a kitten and just give it a big hug! As I reflect, I believe it is the setting in which I live:  22 acres, beautiful pond with a dock perfect for reading a book in my hammock and a stream that runs through our property.  Life is good!

 I have been doing laundry for for 40 years, and  I have to admit during those ages from 2-18 there were piles.  I even think I washed clean clothes because they did not get put away from the prior week.  Fast forward to June.  Our son is home from college working construction (dirtier than age 2) and our daughter has been home quite a bit because of job interviews.  I LOVE doing laundry what makes the difference? I know they can do their own laundry but I enjoy it because it is a gift that I can give to them and now they truly appreciate the gift.  Life is good!

I didn't tell my daughter I was writing this post because I know she would have told me not too but the month of June has been about gratitude.  For Christmas, Anna gave me 365 memories. She convinced my husband and son to help her write 365 individual pieces of paper with memories that we have as a family. I was suppose to pull one every day of 2012 and most days I do but on occasional difficult days I have been known to pull out three or four.  In the background is her senior picture and her college diploma, where have 22 years gone?  I feel such gratitude for the opportunity to be her mom and most of all her friend.  Life is good!

I would encourage you to take time to reflect. It has made a tremendous difference both personally and professionally. 


  1. You had me at the kittens...I was not quite with you on the laundry...but the 365 memories...oh, my! What a special daughter you have!! Give her a hug from me (and claim it as one of your own)!!

  2. Thanks Mary Lee for your comment-you're right I do have a very special daughter and I feel very blessed.