Monday, July 2, 2012

Join Camp What-A-Wonder

This is an oxymoron as I go to write this post. We don’t have any Internet connections at our home and not suppose to have any for possibly a week from the storms that passed through last Friday. Isn't it funny or sad on how dependent I have become on internet for most of my professional development? We are definitely grateful that we do have electricity because some friends don’t have any. I am posting this at McDonalds, and very thankful for wireless. The connection would be that this is my first post about Camp What-A Wonder at Wonderopolis, and I am posting about how great it is being outdoors and being disconnected from the world-who would have known?

When our family discusses vacations, our children still reminisce about our family camping trips. (On a side note, when we got married our wedding gift from my parents was a tent, and we still camp in it today) Several years ago, we headed out West driving for a two-week adventure. Many of our memories focus not on visiting Mount Rushmore, white water rafting or Yellowstone Park, but on our evenings spent around the campfire.  With our children being older, this was before texting, so we had their full attention except when Marcus would sneak out his Game Boy occasionally. 

Building campfires, making dinner as a family, cleaning & scrubbing potatoes, carrots and onions for hamburger pockets was a treat! In addition, we had fun cooking and dining on a picnic table with our beautiful red plaid table cloth, plastic cutlery and enjoying family conversations. After dinner, we hauled water from the pump and heated it for washing dinner.  Finally, with dinner completed typically a 2-hour ordeal, we would stoke up the and begin to relax for the evening. One of my favorite parts having family conversations around the fire. Of course smores would come later in the night or even hot iron pies with cherry being our favorite! 

*What are some of your favorite campfire memories?
*Did you ever go camping and tell spooky stories around the campfire?


  1. Ironic. Posting about camp from McDonalds.

    I hope you get your power (and CONNECTIVITY) back soon!

  2. We are all connected and running on full power. I hope you can stay the same soon. Been looking for tweets that let me know.