Monday, July 16, 2012

Math, Technology & Wonderopolis "A Great Trio"

After meeting with my friend Mary Lee and discussing how she organized her math block, I was very excited to continue thinking about how to integrate technology with problem solving.  On a side note, our conversations about literacy including guided reading groups really helped me to focus and think differently. Thanks Mary Lee! 

Here is how the process started.

1. Wonderopolis is celebrating Camp What-A-Wonder this month, and this week's focus is Creepy Crawly bugs. I have been thinking about how to weave bugs into my blog posts not the easiest thing to do.  But I have now accomplished that goal.

2. I have attended a few district technology PD classes this summer, and I continue to hear about Xtranormal.  It is a free site (if you keep your videos simple) that allows you to create your own videos.  You choose the characters, setting, voices, hand motions, facial gestures and background music.  I decided this was time to take the plunge into creating a video.

3.  For my math piece of the puzzle, I have decided to create a Xtranormal video for each chapter of our math series.  We will start the year with numeration, and I know that recording large numbers and decimals can be difficult for 5th graders.  I will have the students watch the video and then try to write the numbers in their math journal. It will be interesting to see who will be able to write them down correctly. 

4.  Finally I created my first video (please be kind to the producer) with a hint of summer memories, a conversation about bugs and some math woven into it. Enjoy!

Summer Bugs
by: MC201213

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  1. Maria,
    I loved our conversations, too!
    Fun to see how bugs are getting woven into the mix. (Weaving with bugs...I just have to say...ewwww...)
    I'm sitting at a district tech PD right now, so I can't watch your movie, but I'll come back, I promise. You beat me to it; I haven't taken the plunge yet.