Friday, June 22, 2012

Poetry Friday - - Mentor Texts

 I am at the All Write Conference in Warsaw, IN totally overwhelmed with amazing and inspirational ideas about literacy. I started my morning listening to Ralph Fletcher. His topic was about mentor texts. He asked us to write a poem lifting the first and last line from his poem that he shared. Thanks Mary Lee at A Year of Reading for our conversations the past few days and your encouragement with poetry.


Sometimes I remember the good old days 
sitting on the bleachers watching the game.

Listening to the blue say strike two 
watching with anticipation that strike three would be next. 

Bases loaded sixth inning two outs 
the pitch comes in crack of the bat. 

I stare at right field as the ball is caught
he comes off the mound with a smile on his face. 

I still can't imagine anything better than that.

Amy at The Poetry Farm has the Poetry Friday roundup this week.  


  1. Here's what you need to know about the author of this poem that will help you feel the power of her words: that pitcher is her son, who is starting his college baseball career this year. She's spent lots of time at ball diamonds. Good times.

  2. Your poem is the third one from Fletcher's words, & they're all unique, clearly simply memories important to you. I love the tension you've put into your details, & wondered immediately how it would end. Nice to see!

  3. Congratulations to your son...and to you for seeing him to this new step! Our son just pitched his first inning this week, and seeing him throw a few good ones - well, I don't know if there's anything better than that. You really got this moment! Amazing how the good old days become "old" so quickly....

  4. Maria,
    I so enjoyed your poem. I feel like I am sitting right beside you at the game. Since our older two children have headed off to college I don't attend nearly the number of events I once did. I sometimes miss chasing them around, watching them work as part of a team.

    Wish I would have been at All Write. I have enjoyed everyone's conversations since.


  5. Perfect picture! I'm glad you waited to have one of YOUR pitcher!

  6. As Mary Lee knows this is my first published original poem. As I sat in the session, and he asked us to write a poem my stomach tightened and I almost didn't. No one would have ever known, but I tried it. I went to the memories that I will treasure forever. As we discussed coming home from All Write, I know that I found my own voice. Finally as a blogger I look forward to comments and I am thankful every time I have one so thank you for reading my poetry post.