Sunday, January 2, 2011

Students' Choice Award: Math Bingo

 Happy 2011 I hope you have an amazing year!  I want to wish my friends Franki and Mary Lee a  Happy 5th birthday both of you have encouraged me to explore the world of blogging. Thanks!

As I was Thinking Towards 2011 I decided I  am going to have the students choose their favorite app and write about how they use the app in their learning.  This is the first of monthly features with review comments by my students. I just added Math Bingo the first week of December, and it already won the top award from my class for the month of December below are their comments on why they like Math Bingo.

*This app took kids like me who don't like math and made practicing facts fun.
*On level three, it really stretches your thinking because I had to borrow and regroup.
*I don't like division facts, but I memorized my basic facts to 12 because I wanted to earn more bugs for Bingo Bungee.
*Playing Bingo Bungee helped me with my estimating.
*I was eager to practice math facts.
*The different levels helped me to extend my thinking.
*The time limit helped me to increase my speed with answers to basic facts because I wanted more bugs for the game.
*It improves my reflexes by making me think and then quickly tap the answer.
*This app really helped me with quick thinking for problem solving.
*I had to use mental math to help me answer more quickly.
*If I had to guess 6 times in a row, the app made me stop and change my level.
*What a fun way to review for math tests because I use math facts all the time.

Enough said, if you haven't purchased Math Bingo I would suggest it.

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