Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wonderful Word Wednesday: Snow Sounds an Onomatopoeic Story

I love words, and it is an overall theme in my classroom as we talk about words, collect words, observe words, stretch our writing with words as well as read about wonderful words.  So when I read blogs about books that have fun with words I almost automatically click over to, click to order and send simultaneously.  Believe me-it's a dangerous thing!

When I found Snow Sounds, an Onomatopoeic Story,  I fell in love with this book and since then I have always shared this book during the dark cold days of winter. I am not sure if I love the illustrations or the story better. Let me tell you about the story, there are only one, two or even three words on a page. The limited text allows the reader to create a full story in their own mind with a setting, characters, plot etc. This is a great mentor text for visualization because the pictures truly tell the story.  David Johnson uses visual techniques to amplify word's meaning. The predawn "hush" in gray letters as well as "honk" printed in large red letters creates beautiful detailed illustrations,  I would suggest reading the story aloud the first time and not showing the pictures allow the students to draw their own illustrations as well as create the story in their own mind.  Then read it again allowing the students the time to enjoy the illustrations.  Finally discuss the way the book is written and organized. The story starts with
snore, purr
Crinkle, crinkle
woosh, slush, smoosh

Can you guess the illustrations on each page?  Check the book out and let me know if you were correct.

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