Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Favorite Things List is Evolving in 2011

One of my favorite movies in the world is the Sound of Music, and my husband would tell you that I have watched it a 100 times at least, and he just might be correct. My favorite song is 

I thought of this song this week as I had some first time experiences in my class and most of them had to do with technology-the times are changing.

*Two of my students asked and received a kindle for the holidays. Both of the students asked me if they could use their kindle for their JR book and my answer was YES (and I was screaming) How cool is that?

*During status of the class which is a weekly check in with me about their JR book, both students told me their current book but could not tell me their page number. I didn't know it, but kindles don't have page numbers they have percentage completed, so I recorded 19% complete.  How cool is that?

*During status, one of my students told me she is reading a student bible?  How cool is that?

*As we discussed the holidays, I found out that half of my students' families got  a new technology tool which included iPods, iPads, laptops or kindles.  One of the parents emailed me and told me their daughter could not imagine leaving her iPod behind when she graduates from 5th grade, so that was #1 on her list.  How cool is that?

*Finally, as I started my reading conferences one of my students told me his favorite app is the Science Glossary and he spent the holiday season building his own science dictionary.  How cool is that?

Until this week, I have never had these conversations, and I have been teaching 21 years, bring on the new technology tools.  I am excited to learn and dream more about how to use them in my classroom.


  1. Maria - These are all wonderful things, and yes the times are changing! Thanks for sharing, and continue to enjoy with all your tech savvy students.

  2. Thanks for sharing your favorite things! One of my favorite things happened today. This was the first week with iPods in our classroom. I introduced the StoryKit app to my fifth graders today and they LOVED it! I had them begin by just exploring what they can do with the app. Then I shared the stories you posted on your blog to see where they can go. The next things I heard were "How did they do that? Wow! That is good! That person is a really good writer." Then I heard them sharing "how" certain techniques were done from what they had discovered and they began teaching each other! The next thing I knew students were coming up to the document projector and sharing their creations with the class. Just then my principal walked in to observe and do a "three minute walk through" to document how technology is being used in our classrooms. Talk about timing! As we finished up class, I heard one of my fifth graders say, we should talk to them (your students) and see what else they are doing with their iPods! Is a Skype opportunity a possibility?? Boy the times are changing FAST! Thanks for your inspiring blog. Please keep sharing!

  3. CStakey: You made my week with your comment and I have to say that your comment is now one of my favorite things! First of all I can't wait until Monday and I share your comment with my class. Please tell your class those are amazing comments and keep exploring Storykit it is an amazing app. As far as 3 minute walk through our principal does those too and I had the same tech. experience isn't it nice when all things click when your principal visits. As far as Skype I think we could do that and actually I just told Mr. Mark that is my next big "dream" to talk to a class or an expert. On a side note I saw that you asked about my google reader survey I am not sure how to unlock that for you so please send me another link and I will work on that also. Thanks again for all the kind words this is why I blog-can't wait to meet you and your class virtually! Maria

  4. Maria,
    That is my favorite song from the movie also.
    How cool is that? LOL
    Can't wait to hear more about all this in person. Keep up the good work.