Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wonderful Word Wednesday: Snowmen at Night

One of my favorite things to do in teaching is to have professional conversations with new teachers.  I am very lucky this year because there are three new teachers to our school, and we have been meeting to discuss word study. I enjoy our conversations for many reasons.

*I LOVE talking to them about how to integrate word study into their entire day. They happen to teach 2, 3, and 4th grade so I have enjoyed thinking about WS from a primary perspective as well as sharing my intermediate experience.

*It is fun to walk by their room and see a display that we discussed or better yet when one of the teachers comes back to my room to tell me how they changed the display to meet their own classroom needs.

*Another positive for me is how I learn many new ideas from them because two of them have just graduated as well as all three of them have lots of energy which is contagious!
One of them gave me Snowmen at Night for a Christmas present to thank me for working with her. This was a new book for me and as I read it over the holidays I realized what a marvelous mentor text it will be for our class in 2011.

*Starting with the title I automatically had questions because I never thought about showmen at nighttime which is exactly what Caralyn Buhemer the author wants you to do as a reader. We will record the questions and search for answers.  

*The perspective of this book is perfect for Writing Workshop because we are focusing on persuasive writing, so I will use this book to reinforce points of view of snowmen which will be very fun for the students.

*It will be a great text to reinforce parts of speech, and I will use it primarily for adjectives with all the changes that snowmen go through as well as the creativity of designing their own snowmen.  As I read Katie DiCesare's blog Creative Literacy I thought it might be fun to allow the students to design their own 3D snowman since we will be having many indoor recesses.  Thanks Katie for idea.

I found this You Tube video of Snowman at Night which my class will love watching as a culminating activity.


  1. Love the use of this book as a parts of speech mentor text...thank you!

  2. Hey Maria-
    Glad I could help with the idea and so glad to be catching up with your blog. It is awesome!!

  3. I love that book and I love your ideas for it! Did you know you can read "Snowmen at Christmas" at for free? Thought your students might like that!

  4. Thanks for your comments. I will check out that website. I purchased the audiobook for their iPods which they were very excited about.