Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wonderful Word Wednesday: Snow Day

Are you like me-do you have favorite pictures books that you know your students love to hear or you just want to share some great literature with them?. However, as time continues to be difficult to manage with all my required state standards,  I think to myself how can I integrate these favorite picture books into all areas of my teaching day?  

If there is one message that I have heard loud and clear in our school's Professional Development (PD) meetings is that as teachers we need to combine grade level indicators. The obvious place for me to start was in December with Wonderful Word Wednesday because focus lessons are based on the following indicators:  building and increasing vocabulary, spelling strategies, and transferring those skills to their writing. I will be reviewing a new picture book each Wed. in January about snow and how to use the book with word study.  

My first choice is Snow Day by Lester Laminack. I love this book for several reasons:

*First of all the title what student and teacher doesn't love a snow day? I will read this book our first Wednesday back and have students predict when they think our first snow day will be in 2011.  They will write their predictions on index cards, and we will tape them to our classroom door to see who will be correct?  I have a "winter" surprise for the winner.

*In December, we focused on all the attributes of nouns now we will move towards verbs. This book is wonderful for that part of speech as well as reviewing nouns. In addition, I will have the students collect the verbs as I read the story aloud and then work on spelling past, present and future tenses. We will then transfer the verbs to writer's workshop on Poetry Friday.

*I also love how Adam Gustavson's colorful and realistic illustrations provide snapshots that lead readers into believing they know how the book will turn out and the ending will surprise you which makes the book even better!

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  1. love this book--perfect time of year to enjoy it, huh?