Saturday, April 5, 2014

Celebrate Saturday

Today I had the opportunity to attend Central Ohio's Literacy Connection and listen to Ruth Ayres talk about celebrating readers and writers. When the alarm went off this morning for the exact time that I get up through Monday-Friday, I popped out of bed with a quicker step. I was excited to see Ruth today because for several weeks her 40 Stories  posts have really touched me.  Her strength and convictions are inspiring to me both as a mother and teacher. I will be reflecting on all of these take away moments for several days if not weeks probably though the summer.
  • Does it make a difference?  It only takes one person to help someone not feel invisible.
  • Take the time to tap your visual story.
  • This is what we've been discussing in workshop. Where do you see it in your writing?
  • Sharing books outside of school like a doctors office. Widening the audience.
  • Teaching 1 or 2 points is better than focusing on several points.
  • Teach the craft and the process.
  • Celebration = reflect + response + rejoice
For more celebrations head over to Ruth's blog: Discover, Play Build. Thanks Ruth for continuing to remind all of us to find the celebration in every life moment.


  1. Maria I love your highlights, many I will be pondering and tucking away for future use. Ruth's work is so inspiring and keeps me energized and appreciative of the work our young learners do each day!

    1. Thanks for your comment. I did reflect on how so many of us in the room were from a wide variety of grade levels including special areas like library. Ruth does touch all of us and allow us to ponder what we will take back to class tomorrow.

  2. Ruth has made such a difference in many lives. Thank you for sharing your take away moments. Have a lovely Sunday!

  3. I saw Facebook posts about this conference. I'm sorry I missed it! I've never heard Ruth speak - I really want to - she's such an inspiring person! This line made me think: It only takes one person to help someone not feel invisible.