Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Late to the Dance, but I Made It

Compliments  of Google

Several of my friends started several years ago with digital reading logs and reflections. I have listened as they explained how important it is to be able to talk about books 24/7.  Allowing students to share their reading lives and logs is powerful. I knew it but hadn't figured it out. I am first to admit that it wasn't high on my priority list. But yes I have finally made it to the dance. I am listening to "Celebrate" and singing right along while busting out my moves which aren't very pretty.  I jumped in with Google, and I have mentioned lately how much Google is shifting my thinking and conversations in our classroom.  Just read the following from tonight's status talk.  Join the dance you'll be so happy.

Ready to start her reader's notebook, asking for help.
He added a link to help me visualize all on his own.
Powerful figurative language and connecting to Snicker of Magic.

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