Friday, April 11, 2014

Slice of Life: Connected Readers

I'm celebrating on a Friday night. I'm happy on a Friday night not because it's Friday although I am thankful for this weekend.  If you're reading this I hope you're a teacher because you might just think I am a little crazy. For those of you who know me, I can hear a few snickers.  I'm celebrating because I have been reading my students' Google JR reflections for the past few hours. Although I stopped to make my fish sticks and brought them over to the computer so I could keep reading, I stopped to get more Hellmann's Tarter Sauce because it's the best. And I kept on reading, I couldn't stop.

I introduced digital reading logs this week. My students are going to track their reading along with setting their goals for the week and we have started reading reflections.  This was a crazy but fun week.  Only one afternoon was normal and so something had to go. I wasn't going to lose the chance to set up 24/7 reading connections with my students. The power in 24/7 talk is huge. I was feeling horrible that I had not conferences with every student about their book this week, but now I have. At the time of this post, three students already commented back to me, and they have a new plan for reading this weekend. I would not suggest all 24 on the same day, but I am thrilled to know that all my students are connected and ready to read this weekend.

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