Monday, April 21, 2014

How Do You Become Famous?

Each morning before the students arrive, I always read the Wonder of the Day at Wonderopolis.  Today's wonder is posting the question:  How do you become famous?

As I read the wonder, I was so thankful for the slant of the article. I was pleased the wonder included so many different ways children can be famous. Today in our viral world so often children hear about movie stars and athletes, and not enough about students who have made the correct choice, teachers who stay after school or arrive early, authors who write back to their fans. I believe that being famous can be determined in a wide variety of ways including:

  • helping a friend when 24 colored pencils fall out of their desk.
  • choosing to ask someone to play in kickball even though they were not very nice at lunch
  • taking a minute to help an ELL friend find a book in the library
  • sharing a kind word after the child just struck out in baseball
  • choosing to write with a friend because he said, "I just can't do this."
  • helping a teacher sort papers when they could be outside on a sunny day
All of these are reasons that make students famous. My #OLW choice has been a huge conversation in our class since I returned in March. Making sure I take every chance I can in helping my students realize they are famous.


  1. I, too, love the positive slant of this Wonder, Maria - what a great thing to share with them, to hopefully inspire them!

    1. I always can find an extension to support wondering beyond the NF reading and comprehension. I often wonder about a connected writing piece.